Meet your daily vitamin needs with just one superfood

This 100% natural superfood gives you all the vitamins the human body needs

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Bee Pollen - Test

Bee Pollen - Test

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This natural blend helps maintain your health, immunity, and energy level. Bee pearls can aid with the recovery from influenza.

Bee Pearl contains a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other vital substances.

Amino acids (15 of the 20 possible)

Numerous fatty acids (includes OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6)

All Vitamins (a substantial amount of A, E, B3, B1, B, H)

Minerals (a substantial amount of Zn, Cu, Fe, K, Na)

Microelements and Polyphenolic compounds.

Ingredients: Freeze Dried Extract of Bee Bread, Vitamin C.

Product Amount: 30 caps

Suggested Use: One (1) capsule per day during the main meal or immediately after it with a glass of water. Suitable for vegetarians.


Gluten-free Vegetarian Lactose-free Allergen-free Hormone-free All natural No fillers Non-GMO Corn-free Sugar-free

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“No supplement has all the vitamins my body needs except this..”

If you are reading this, you are probably taking a multivitamin or planning to take it. You may already know what multivitamin you want to buy.

But do you know this? There’s not a single company that can offer you a multivitamin that contains the necessary vitamins you need.

And that’s excellent news for you. Because nature has something better for you. A superfood that contains the vitamins you need. It is also 100% natural and 100% organic. Produced by nature’s hardest-working animal.

No chemicals, no processed synthetic vitamins, just pure natural goodness harvested by farmers.

Most Americans don’t get enough Vitamin B complex, A and E from their diet

You force yourself out of bed every morning, the first thing that enters your body is coffee. You don’t have time to make a healthy breakfast. You may eat a bowl of cereal, toast, or something you probably don’t want to eat.

You get to work, you don’t eat anything for 3–4 hours, and you have a sad, boring salad or a dry, tasteless sandwich for lunch.

You get out of work; maybe you go out to have dinner. If not, you come home, order a pizza, and then get to bed.

Meanwhile, you feel dizzy, you get sick easily, and colds and headaches become a part of your life. These are just a few symptoms.

Everybody wants to eat nutritious food, but where’s the time?

“I wish I knew these things cause if I did, I wouldn't have taken any multivitamin”

  • Taking multivitamin can help you fill in the gaps in your diet right? Wrong!, because they use cheap and readily available nutrients that you are already getting from your diets
  • Due to the large quantities of cheap, chemically synthesized vitamins, you may suffer overdosage if you take the wrong supplment
  • Taking the wrong multivitamin which is chemically synthesized can cause nutritional imbalance in your body. With bee pollen you don’t run this risk.
  • 72,000 people in 2020 were suffering from poisoning due to poor quality and overdosage of synthetic multivitamins but with bee pollen, there’s no chance of that happening.
  • The truth about most multivitamins is that they are made with cost in mind. The cost of producing these vitamins. But with bee pollen, it all depends on nature, we simply harvest the pollen.
  • There’s no regulation when it comes to multivitamins. But with bee pollen, we simply collect the pollen and then put it into capsules. No chemical processing is done.
  • There’s no way to check the purity of the multivitamin you are taking. While bee pollen is literally the food bees eat to get all their nutrients. Bees maintain a high standard.

The secret trick used by companies to make you buy multivitamins

Most companies fill their supplements with synthetic vitamins. This is a cheap and easy way to “Bulk Up” their nutrition lists. 

They use chemical synthesis to produce cheap Vitamin C and some B vitamins. If you look at any multivitamin bottle, you will always find these vitamins in large quantities because this is how they are tricking you into trusting them.

Bee Pollen is a pollen, nectar, and enzyme blend, all wrapped up in a capsule

Bee pollen is produced by worker honeybees, and this is their primary source of nutrition.

“I’ve been taking bee pollen for the last month as my doctor recommends it as a good source of vitamin A.

Whilst it’s too soon to know whether it truly works, I’ve noticed I have much more energy throughout the day”.

Federal Ministry of Health in Germany recognizes bee pollen as a medicine

How Bee Pollen fills in the gap

The American diet does not provide all the vitamins in the vitamin B complex. Nor does it provide enough vitamins A and E.

Bee pollen contains a large quantity of vitamin A, E, and B complexes. Alongside these, bee pollen contains every single vitamin your body needs in varying quantities.

It contains fatty acids like Omega 3 and Omega 6

It has a substantial amount of minerals like zinc, copper, iron, and potassium

It is rich in 15 amino acids out of 20

You have to eat these EVERY DAY

2 medium sized bland and bitter Carrots, steamed or boiled. Or eat 10 eggs. This is what you need to eat everyday to meet your daily Vitamin A needs. And if you really want to test your body, eat one ounces of beef liver, everyday

You have to eat 6 tablespoon of sunflower seed or 4 cups of boiled spinach to meet your daily need of Vitamin E. Do you really want to eat 4 cups of tasteless, bland spinach everyday?

1 cup of lentils, 1 cup of brown rice, 1 cup of whole wheat pasta, and 1 cup of roasted peanuts, and you will still be short of your daily vitamin B3 needs. Or you can eat 5 ounces of bone-dry, tasteless chicken breast everyday

3 ounces of lean pork, 2 cups of whole wheat bread with 3 ounces of trout or salmon. Eat these everyday, just for your daily Vitamin B1 needs

Do you have the time to cook and eat all of these?

You don’t have a personal chef by any chance, do you?

Can you eat all of this every day? Imagine the amount of calories your body has to process. Let’s calculate

Vitamin A

2 large earthy and bitter tasting Carrots - 50 calories

2 eggs - 150 calories

Vitamin E

6 tablespoon of sunflower seed - 307 calories


4 cups of boiled bland spinach - 300 calories

Vitamin B3 only

1 cup of lentils - 230 calories

1 cup of brown rice - 216 calories

1 cup of whole wheat pasta - 174 calories

1 cup of roasted peanuts - 857 calories

Or if you are not a vegan

5 ounces of bone dry, tasteless chicken breast - 216 calories

Vitamin B1

3 ounces of lean pork - 180 calories

2 slices of whole wheat bread - 247 calories

3 ounces of salmon - 200 calories

Everything adds up to

2500+ Calories everyday on top of what you are already eating

This is equal to eating

  1. 1 juicy big mac
  2. 1 cup of yummy mac and cheese
  3. 1 medium-rare steak
  4. 2 big slices of pizza
  5. 1 small burger king vanilla shake

All of these comes close to 2500 calories. Not more than 2500 but close to 2500.

How much would it cost you to buy everything that you need to eat to meet your daily vitamin needs? (Walmart pricing)

Vitamin A

30 carrots per month, 1 per day


18-24 eggs per month, 1-2 eggs per day

18 eggs=$2.5

Vitamin E

2lb bag, 6 tablespoon of sunflower seed (50mg) everyday



2lb of spinach, 4 cups of boiled bland spinach everyday

2lb = $5

Vitamin B3 only

8lb of red lentils, 1 cup (200g) of lentils everyday

8lb = $11

12lb of rice, 1 cup (202g) of brown rice everyday

12lb = $8

4-5lb of pasta, 1 cup (100g) of whole wheat pasta everyday

4lb = $6

6lb of peanuts ,1 cup (147g) of roasted peanuts everyday

6lb = $15

Or if you don’t want 857 calories from 1 cup of peanuts

10 lb of chicken breast, 5 ounces of chicken breast everyday

10 lb = $35

Vitamin B1

6 lb of lean pork, 3 ounces of lean pork everyday

6lb = $30

2-3 breads, 2 slices (70g) of whole wheat bread everyday

2-3 breads = $3-$4

6 lb of salmon, 3 ounces of cooked salmon everyday

6 lb = $40-$50

All of these foods add up to $206/month. That’s $6.86 and 2500 calories+ everyday

Bee Pollen is changing lives

"I was never a big fan of vegetables, but with the bee pollen multivitamin, I feel like I'm getting all the good stuff from them without having to eat them. It's awesome!" ~ Max F.

"Taking the bee pollen multivitamin is so easy, and it makes me feel good inside. I can run and play longer without getting tired. It's like a magic pill that helps me be super active!" ! Jake S.

"I gave this to my son, the bee pollen multivitamin, and he really likes it. It's like a tasty treat for his body. I think it's making him stronger becausehe doesn't get sick as often. Thanks, bee pollen!" ~ Mia E.

"I started taking the bee pollen multivitamin, and I feel more energetic and healthier. It's like a boost of goodness from nature that I get every day. Plus, it's super easy to take, and I love that it's natural!" ~ Phill R.